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Beekeeper's Bee Box Brander, 1/2" x 12

Beekeeper's Bee Box Brander, 1/2   

Product Number:  BBB 1/2 x 12 Kit

Unit Price: $550.75

Name or Number
(up to 12 characters, all capital letters)


The Beekeeper’s Bee Box Brander was specifically designed for creating very deep brands for beehive identification. This special branding head features the name or serial number you specify and is cast in one solid piece of bronze. The unique design allows fast, even heating and very high temperatures. The serial number is deeply cast, creating a permanent brand that can be painted and still be perfectly visible and is virtually tamper-proof.

Included in the kit:

  • Cast Bronze 1/2" x 12 (1/2" tall characters, up to 12 characters) *
  • The Model 2100 Porto-Pro propane heating element.
  • 10' propane hose to connect to your propane tank.
  • BrandNew's steel carrying case with tote tray.

  • *Additional character sizes available in ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”.

    24" Steel Carry Case
    Model2100 Replacement Shanks
    Additional Character Sizes
    Single Flint Striker
    10' Propane Hose
    25' Propane Hose
    40' Propane Hose

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