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4 Brand New designs in our Handcrafted Series Circular Saw brander Sun-Saw brander Man Cave brander Skull and Cross Hammers brander
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Sample Brands from Custom Branding Irons

BrandNew Industries, Inc. is a World Leading Manufacturer of Custom Branding Irons, and Branding Equipment.

BrandNew prides itself as the premier innovator of branding solutions for branding wood, leather, plastic, rubber, food, soap, wax, and other products, and for marking sand, cement, and other materials. We manufacture branding irons and accessories for commercial, industrial, semi-professional, and hobbyist applications. Our branding and marking solutions are used for almost every imaginable application, including:

  • Equipment identity for security, theft deterrent, and tracking
  • Project branding for craftsman pride
  • Industrial or commercial trade marking
  • Inventory control
  • Novelty advertising
  • Fundraising and promotional
  • Special events
  • And many more
  • With over 95 years combined experience, BrandNew Industries specializes in:
  • Custom and semi-custom designs for small-and-simple to large-and-complex branding irons
  • Engineering of branding products
  • Design reproduction
  • Branding iron manufacturing
  • Providing solutions for unique branding, marking, or material identification problems
  • Fast turnaround times for quotes and product delivery
  • Flexibility to meet customer demand in quality, quantity, and imagination
  • Handling large jobs and multiple jobs at once
  • Guaranteeing workmanship and customer satisfaction
  • We are proud of our uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Our customer list includes almost every major college and university in the United States, in addition to the U.S. White House and many Fortune 500 Companies, including Ghirardelli Chocolate, Coca Cola, Bechtel, Disneyland, and Paramount Pictures. We take the same care for each personalized woodworker branding iron as we do for our large customer orders.