Craftsman Branding Irons

Custom Branding Irons to Brand Your Craftsman Work

Let BrandNew create a premium custom craftsman branding iron to permanently brand or mark your handcrafts, fine woodwork or leather products, manufactured items, or any other “impressionable” materials like plastics, sand, rubber, wax, or food. Whether you need to apply one brand a month, or a thousand brands a day, we have a branding solution that will meet your needs.

We can create your custom branding iron from any artwork, logo, or text. Send us your artwork or let our art department create a design from your concept, sketch, or idea. Call us during regular business hours (Pacific Time) at +1 805-964-8251 and let us create a custom branding iron or branding solution for you!

You made it with skill. Brand it with pride™.

Ideal for: wood that is smooth and flat
Good for: leather and plastics
Not recommended for: rough wood, food, PVC
For branding rough or uneven surfaces, see our Extra-Relief Branding Irons