::"Sale of BrandNew"

PRESS RELEASE(For Immediate Release)

SANTA BARBARA, CA (www.BrandNew.net) March 9, 2007 — Paul Burri, president of BrandNew Industries, Inc., - a local company making and selling branding irons and marking equipment worldwide - announced today that the company has been sold to Mr. Sean D. Clayton, a local engineer with over 10 years of semiconductor and nanotechnology experience. BrandNew was started in Mr. Burri's garage and spare bedroom seventeen years ago and has grown to where it is now the largest branding equipment manufacturer in the world. The company's branding irons are used to brand shipping pallets, beehives, furniture, hobby woodwork and even steaks and hamburgers. (Two of the company's branding irons are being used to brand hamburger buns in the White House.)

For more information:
Paul Burri
Sean Clayton
(805) 964-8251