::"Rotary Serial Brander"

PRESS RELEASE(For Immediate Release)

Paul Burri, President and CEO of BrandNew Industries, Inc announced today the introduction of their electrically heated Model 89M Rotary Serial Brander. Burri said, "This new product is the result of several years of development and ideas "percolating" in our heads about how to solve the problem of serial branding and we are very proud of it. It is a truly revolutionary tool. The problem of serial branding is more difficult than it may first appear. How do you make a device that allows you to quickly and safely change numbers (or letters) on a device that is at around 600 degrees Fahrenheit? This Rotary Serial Brander allows the operator to do just that. We are very proud of it. BrandNew is the only company in the world that has anything like this." Burri continued, "Any operator can change from one number to the next is less that 15 seconds and be ready to immediately brand the next number with no wait time for the new number. And do it safely. This tool will be of great interest to the irrigation industry and to anyone else needing to indelibly mark products with serial or sequential numbers."

The Model 89M Rotary Serial Brander is presently available in character sizes of 1/4" and 1/2" with up to 10 character wheels. Custom sizes and wheel quantity are available on request. Price depends on the size of the characters and the number of wheels required.

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