::"Branding Irons Not Just For Animals"

Farm Show: Vol 27, No. 5, 2003

Branding irons aren't just for cattle anymore. A California company, BrandNew Industries , says its gas and electric-heated branding irons can be used on wood, leather and plastic and other materials.

Branding irons have a 1/4-in thick solid copper plate into which your design is machined. The copper plate attaches to a steel shaft with a wood handle. The gas-heated branding iron is heated by placing it in the flame of a propane torch or in the flame of an ordinary gas kitchen stove. It takes about two minutes to reach branding temperature -- determined by testing on pieces of scrap -- you simply place it onto the work piece for about three to five seconds. A gas-heated branding iron will brand five to six pieces before it needs to be reheated.

The electrically heated branding iron is designed to be inserted into a heating element. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach branding temperature.

BrandNew says it can make branding irons with almost any design, logo, photo, or even signature. The company recommends using branding irons to mark and protect tools and equipment, computers, telephone equipment, projectors, monitors, video equipment, laptop computers, etc. Brands are available that say "Property of..." or "Please Return to..."

If you have fine collection of tools that you're proud of, branding them with your special logo or signature will protect them from unauthorized "borrowing."

BrandNew says it has made branding irons as large as 30-square inches but an iron this big requires special heating and handling. Irons with interchangeable numbers, letters, characters and character holders are also available.

Teflon spray is highly recommended when branding any plastic material.

Western style branding Irons are also available in which your name or simple design is machined into a heavy brass block. They even offer a "steak brander" that can be used to brand steaks, pork chops, hamburgers or hamburger buns.