::BrandNew Creat a Pair of Branding Irons by Request of the White House

"New Enterprise"

Santa Barbara News Press - April 3, 2002

BrandNew Industries Inc. , specializing in the design and manufacture of custom branding irons, has introduced a new line of hybrid branding irons.

"For some time we have been making what we call 'Western style' branding irons, the kind you see John Wayne using in the Western movies," said Paul Burri, president and chief executive officer of BrandNew Industries . Most of his customers aren't ranchers or cattlemen, however, but advertising agencies who use them as promotional items, particularly of late with "branding" becoming a hot term in the advertising industry.

"Frequently, though, the ad agencies want a company logo or some complicated design that is too expensive or not possible using the conventional blacksmithing methods used to make Western-style branding irons," Mr. Burri said. Using the company's proprietary production process, his team has designed a hybrid style that features a Western-style handle.

BrandNew Industries has also made branding irons for some unusual materials, including steaks and hamburgers, tortillas, ceramics, leather, plastics, soap and fabric.

"The only thing we won't touch is branding humans," Mr. Burri said. "Every once in a while we get a call from someone who wants to brand a fraternity brother. We politely tell them we don't make that kind of branding iron."