::BrandNew Creat a Pair of Branding Irons by Request of the White House

"Biz Buzz"

South Coast Beacon (excerpt)

BrandNew Industries Inc. , maker of custom branding irons, created a pair of branding irons by request of the White House. Depicting the American flag, the irons will be used to brand brioches, said Paul Burri, president of BrandNew Industries .

"A guy called from the White House and said, "We want a couple of branding irons to brand brioches," Burri continued. "I said, Oh you must mean the hamburger place," and he said, "no, the place where George W. Bush lives."

Located at 5511-C Ekwill, BrandNew Industries designs and manufactures irons for woodworkers, leatherworker and other artisans as well as business owners who want to use them to mark their equipment for safekeeping.