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BrandNew Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of rugged, dependable, and innovative branding irons and marking tools. Our customers are commercial and industrial companies or individual hobbyists with a need to permanently and indelibly mark products, property, tools, or equipment in materials such as wood, leather, plastics, rubber and even certain foods.

BrandNew Industries is a privately owned corporation, whose founder is a former aerospace engineer. The administrative headquarters and main manufacturing plant are located in Santa Barbara, California.

The seeds of BrandNew were planted in New York City in 1941 when the founder, a then 12-year-old amateur woodworker, made a simple branding iron by bending some steel wire into a unique shape, and used it to identify his projects. (That branding iron is still in use today.) Over the years, Mr. Burri and BrandNew have developed numerous innovative and competitive processes to produce branding irons that suit any unique marking application.

BrandNew Industries founder, Paul Burri, has over 45 years of manufacturing, engineering and business experience that guides the company in developing and producing well engineered, practical products. BrandNew was officially formed in 1989 while the founder was still working as an aerospace engineer at Northrop Corporation. In December of 1994, he retired from the aerospace industry and devoted himself full time to BrandNew – inspiring exponential growth in sales, staff, and manufacturing facilities.

In July of 2000, BrandNew was incorporated as BrandNew Industries, Inc. The company has continued to add employees and equipment and expand its product line. The company now serves the home hobbyist, the small, independent cabinetmaker, and the commercial/industrial markets with products ranging from small handheld models to sophisticated floor model, semi-automatic branding machines that are used in high-volume production operations.

BrandNew is a mature, multi-talented company whose present size, personnel roster, financial resources and management history allow it to be large enough to manage large, commercial contracts, yet small enough to personally handle individual, custom orders.

BrandNew Industries delivers robust products of superior design and quality, creates innovative branding solutions, maintains competitive pricing, consistently surpasses customer expectations in response time, and is the most highly regarded branding iron manufacturer in the industry.