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Electric Character Holder
Holds eight 1/8" or 3/16" interchangeable characters

Electric Character Holder<br>Holds eight 1/8   

Product Number:  CHE 188U

Area: Requires all 8 spaces filled
Order spacers as necessary

Unit Price: $310.00


Ideal for: wood smooth and sanded, leather, PVC, plastics
Good for: wood rough or uneven
Not recommended for: food, foam

  • Holds eight of our 1/8 or 3/16" forged steel characters
  • Includes SP-250 Heating Element (120 VAC, 250 Watts)
  • Character holder milled from brass
  • Order spacers as necessary to fill the full eight spaces
  • Our Interchangeable Character Holders, combined with a customized set of Interchangeable Branding Characters, allow you to easily create brands in any combination of letters, numbers, and characters.

    These alphanumeric character holders, as shown, holds a total of eight 1/8" or 3/16" interchangeable characters.

    Special character holders can be made to order and come in flame-, electric-, and propane-heated styles. Prices vary with size and character capacity. Our qualified sales staff can help you select the most economical and efficient size and style for your specific branding needs.

    1/8" Characters
    1/8" Characters Kit A-Z, 0-9 & Spacers
    3/16" Characters
    3/16" Characters Kit A-Z, 0-9 & Spacers

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