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CBI-U 1.0 Electric Unit

CBI-U 1.0 Electric Unit   

Product Number:  CBI-U 1.0

Area: 1.0 square inch
Length x Height = 1, or less
Maximum length 2
Unit Price: $165.25

LIC-1 Temperature Controller
+ $51.40 


Ideal for: wood-smooth and flat, plastics
Good for: leather
Not recommended for: rough wood, food, PVC, wooden barrels

Product Details
  • Includes SP-80 heating element (120 VAC, 80 watts)
  • Interchangeable branding plates
  • Etched copper
  • Produces brands with the highest level of detail
  • Etched relief is 0.04"
  • Overall length 10"
  • Manufacturing time 1-2 weeks
Email your custom artwork to: [email protected]

Promote, protect, and add value to your work with a custom-made, top-quality brand from BrandNew Industries.

Call 1-800-964-8251 to speak with one of our qualified sales staff if:

  • Your design is larger than four square inches.
  • You require a design with interchangeable characters.
  • The width of your design is greater than two and one half times the length.
  • You would rather talk with an expert than order online!

Creating a Design and Submitting Your Artwork
The following guidelines are provided to help you when designing your brand and submitting your artwork to BrandNew Industries:
  • Artwork should be sharp, dense, black copy on a white background.
  • Artwork should be full size. We can scale as necessary (Figure 1).
  • Avoid large solid areas next to thin spaces (Figure 2). Heat from surrounding black areas scorches out the fine white line.
  • Avoid text smaller than 3/16" tall.
  • Avoid lines thinner than .005" and spaces thinner than 1/16" (Figure 2).
  • If you mail your artwork to us, protect the artwork by mailing it to us between cardboard protectors. Do not fold the artwork.
  • We specialize in custom orders. Our friendly sales staff are well-qualified to help you to create a brand that you will be happy with for years to come. If you have an idea for a brand, but lack the technical expertise to create the design, our creative staff can create the artwork for you!

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