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Monogram Western Style
3 Initials

Save $10
was $117.50

Monogram Western Style<br>3 Initials<br>
Save $10
<br><small>was $117.50</small>   

Product Number:  WS-3

Unit Price: $107.50 Saving: $10.00

Initials (Capital Letters)

Propane Torch - Jumbo Flame
+ $55.00 


Ideal for: wood, food
Good for: leather
Not recommended for: plastics, livestock

  • Deeply machined from steel
  • 3/8 high relief
  • 18 long ring-end handle
  • 3" diameter circle with approximately 1" tall characters
  • Manufacturing time 2-3 weeks
  • The Monogram Western Style Branding Iron is a handsomely crafted iron with the 1" tall initials of your choice within a 3" diameter circle and attached to an 18" Western Style steel handle.

    Monogram Western Style branding irons with your loved one's initials make great gifts.

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