What is the BrandNew advantage?

Well, as you will see below, it’s a combination of everything that is unique about BrandNew Industries. All of these advantages add up to one thing: We make the best and most versatile line of custom branding solutions, branding irons and branding equipment on the market.

BrandNew Industries delivers superior, custom branding solutions, branding irons, and branding equipment for every branding application.* In fact, we offer products for every type of product-branding customer. From hobbyist and craftsman woodworkers to industrial manufacturing companies, we make the right tools for the job. If you don’t find what you need, let us design a solution for you.

BrandNew Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of rugged, dependable, and innovative branding irons, branding equipment, and marking tools. Our customers are commercial and industrial companies, professional craftsmen and women, and individual hobbyists who need to permanently mark products, property, tools, or equipment in materials like wood, leather, plastics, rubber, wax and food.

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Leading Industrial Branding Irons Manufacturer

We are the leader in the industrial branding irons market. This is due to our decades-long experience in creating custom branding solutions for every conceivable branding application and environment. Examples include high-heat, remote field work, or repetitive and high-production environments. We’ve engineered specialized branding equipment for uniquely shaped products like athletic equipment, including spheres and balls and cylinders and bats. Our line of serial branders is second to none for our customers who need to brand bee boxes, fleet tires, scaffold planks, and many others.

But engineering capabilities don’t stop at branding irons. We’ve also developed a complete line of high-production branding systems for our industrial customers who need to apply repetitive brands, that can also incorporate high-heat and serialized options.

Dedicated to Hobbyist Woodworkers and Crafters

Your handmade fine woodwork or leather work deserves to be marked with the pride of your craftsmanship! Add your name or initials and a design that’s reflective of your personal style to your finished woodwork or leather work with our semi-customizable “Handcrafted by” branding irons.

We also make a complete line of fully-custom branding irons for branding your heirloom items, keepsakes, or professional handcrafted items for sale. Let BrandNew create your premium custom craftsman branding irons to permanently brand or mark your handcraftsfine woodwork, or leather products, manufactured items, and many other “impressionable” materials like plastics, sand, rubber, or wax. Whether you need to apply one brand a month, or a thousand brands a day, we have a branding solution that will meet your needs.

You made it with skill. Brand it with pride!

Best Selection of Heating Styles and Heating Elements

What you’re branding, how often, and where will determine the style of branding iron you need and how to heat it. Luckily for you, BrandNew offers fully-custom flame-heated, steak & western style flame-heated, electrically-heated, and propane-heated branding irons, tools, and accessories, for every application you can dream up!

Widest Range of Branding Iron Materials

BrandNew Industries offers the best selection and strongest available materials for branding irons, including copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, steel, and stainless steel. In fact, BrandNew is the exclusive US manufacturer of steel and stainless steel branding irons. Most of our competitors offer only aluminum and brass, which cannot achieve the high temperatures and branding depth required to deeply brand rough surfaces.

Our selection of metals increases the range of materials our products can brand, from hardwoods like oak to soft woods like birch.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

We have developed multiple proprietary processes for manufacturing our standard relief branding irons. Our process innovation allows us to offer the highest quality, competitive pricing and the highest level of detail on the market in our standard-relief brands.

Superior Heating Elements

We don’t just excel at making the highest quality branding irons. Our heating elements also are far superior to those offered by our competitors. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Our heating elements can achieve hotter temperatures.
  • They can also be adjusted with a temperature controller to successfully brand softer materials.
  • Our customers regularly tell us they’re delighted with our products, including our heating elements.
  • Our track record of superior customer service is unmatched in the industry. The proof is in our long-standing relationships with loyal customers, as well as happy new customers every day.
  • We manufacture our products in Santa Barbara, CA, USA, meaning that:
    • We assure the highest quality.
    • We can offer greater customization and innovation.
    • We manage quality control – rather than relying on a third-party manufacturer.
    • Making our own products means that we can stand behind what we make and ensure our customers are satisfied.
    • We are committed to making superior products and creating great customer experiences!

Graphic Design Solutions

To complement our branding iron manufacturing capabilities, we offer graphic design solutions to turn your design concept into finished artwork, which we can then transform into your one-of-a-kind brand, or we can use your production-ready artwork. Our computer-controlled manufacturing processes allow us to create branding irons with an incredible amount detail – in fact, we offer the highest level of detail in the industry.

Which Branding Iron Do I Need?

If you’re unsure which branding iron is right for the work you are branding and the environment you’re working in, use our “What Are You Branding?” tool. From smooth or rough wood to leather, from food to foam rubber, from bee boxes to pallets & crates, and more, we have a branding iron for your application!

Made in USA | US Air Force-Veteran Owned

BrandNew Industries is locally, privately, and veteran-owned, and a long-time employer at our headquarters in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, USA.

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*Excluding animals or livestock. Our complete line of branding irons, tools, and equipment are exclusively for branding inanimate products.