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:: Paul Burri, Founder                                                                                           

The inspiration for BrandNew industries came to Paul Burri from the desire to sign his woodworking projects as a young boy. The knowledge to create a successful company developed during Mr. Burri's career as a machinist, a machine shop foreman, supervisor, and manufacturing manager, and later an aerospace engineer.

Mr. Burri managed numerous small companies between 1970 and 1994, including machine shops, printed circuit board manufacturers, and an electronic connector manufacturer. He spent five years with the Disney Corporation as the Estimating Department Manager, and eight years as Project Manufacturing Engineer at Northrop Corporation.

Mr. Burri concurrently owned various small businesses during his career, including a trophy business, a lamp manufacturing business, a contract assembly business, home sitting services, and a contract engineering consulting and design company.

Mr. Burri formed BrandNew in 1989 while still working as an aerospace engineer at Northrop Corporation. After retiring from Northrop in December 1994, he began devoting his full time to developing and expanding BrandNew Industries.

A woodworker since he was 12 years old, Paul Burri signed his first works with a homemade branding iron he still uses today. Later, he developed a unique and competitive process that would produce any design in almost any size branding iron, large or small. Forever the inventor, Mr. Burri's main focus today is meeting the needs of commercial and industrial companies that require branded or stamped identification on wood, leather, concrete, plastics, rubber, and food items.

Mr. Burri earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and has completed numerous seminars and short courses in a variety of topics. He holds several patents and copyrights, a California teaching credential, and is a member of Mensa.