Industrial Branding Equipment

BrandNew Industries, Inc. creates premium custom branding irons, innovative branding solutions and accessories for nearly every commercial and industrial branding application. Brand wood, leather, plastic, rubber, food, wax, bee boxes, tires, utility poles, shipping pallets and crates (with heat treat stamps), furniture, and other products, or mark materials such as sand and cement. Mark your products permanently for tracking, security, regulatory compliance, and trademark (brand) identification.

We manufacture custom branding irons, branding heads or plates, and serial branders to precisely fit your product and application. We offer flame, electrical, and propane heating options to suit your production environment. In addition, we design and manufacture high-capacity branding equipment and accessories for nearly every conceivable commercial and industrial application.

Please note: We do not manufacture branding irons for branding livestock. Shop our Industrial Branding Equipment or contact us with your unique branding challenge and let us design a solution for you.

We are US Air Force Veteran-Owned. Made in the USA in our Santa Barbara, California shop.