Branding Iron Accessories

Branding Iron Accessories

BrandNew Industries offers a complete line of accessories to complement our lines of professional, craftsman, and hobbyist branding irons and branding tools.

Storage and Gifting: Our accessories include industrial-style carrying cases and wooden presentation gift boxes.

Replacement Parts: Easily order replacement shanks and propane hoses for our Porto-Pro™ propane brander heating systems. If your 2100 Porto-Pro™ Branding Torch becomes clogged, repair is easy with our replacement orifice and orifice wrench.

We also carry retainer clips for use with our alpha-numeric Interchangeable Character branding systems.

Heating and Temperature Control: Quickly heat your flame-heated branding iron with our Jumbo Flame Propane Torch; and while you’re here, pick up a Single Flint Striker for easily lighting your branding and welding torch. Our line of temperature controllers provides reliable heating for your electric branding irons. From light duty for craftsman irons, to industrial grade analog to digital temperature controllers, we carry the high-quality products to make sure your brands are perfect, every time.